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March 2021 - Recently Expertized

The following stamps are exceptional quality and would be an excellent addition to any US stamp collection.

PSAG Cert 589619

This is a scarce full og second issue US No. 2. It is rare to find full og examples especially with 4 full margins. While it does have a horizontal crease, it is still a very acceptable og US No. 2.

PSAG Cert 589684

Post Office Fresh Coil Guild Line Pair og (very Scarce) US No. 356. This is one of the rarest and sought after coil guide line pairs especially being this well centered.

PSAG Cert 589732

Very scarce and well centered. An exceptional 30c Special Printing Postage Due US No. J13. There were only 179 printed back in 1879 which makes this one of the rarest United States stamps.

PSAG Cert 589627

Post Office Fresh Brilliant Color og NH US No. 37. These US 37’s are rare in such a deep gray lilac shape.

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