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J. Randall Shoemaker

Founder, Committee Chairman

  • Born and raised in Miami, FL

  • Married with two children and five grandchildren

  • Graduated from Michigan State University, 1965-71, BS and MS, Human Physiology

  • Cancer Research, 1971-73, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Disability Examiner, Social Security, 1973-78, Denver, CO

  • J. Randall Rare Stamps,  President, 1970-1986, Buy and sell exceptional  quality Classic United States, 1842-1869 issues.

  • Founded Professional Stamp Experts (PSE) in 1986 and was President and Senior Expert, 1986-2009

  • Founded Philatelic Stamp Authentication and Grading, Inc. (PSAG), 2009 to present, as President and Senior Expert, expertizing and grading United States, Canada, Canadian Provinces, Canal Zone & Hawaii and Philippine Islands (both U.S. & Spanish Administrations).

  • Originator and Developer of the universally accepted Grading System for postage stamps

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Denise Georgeff

Office Manager

My name is Denise Georgeff. I live in Melbourne, Fl. and I started working for PSAG, Inc. in 2014. I am the Office Manager and I oversee all incoming submissions prior and post the expertizing process. I also handle all correspondence with former and new clients. Over the years, working with Randy, I have learned so much about philately and the history of the postage stamp, which, I have to say, is my favorite part of my job next to talking with our wonderful clientele.

Philatelic Stamp Authentication and Grading, Inc.

Expert Committee

Over 1700 cumulative years of experience

Winners of over 125 National and International GOLD medals for their exhibits

Authored over 400 Articles and Books

J. Randall Shoemaker

Classic US, Plating

L. Bustillo

19/20th Century US, B-O-B, 5c 1856-60

Richard Drews

19th Century US, Shades, Grills

Richard Doporto

1c  & 12c 1851 – 57

10c – 1855 – 1859


Elliot Omiya

3c 1851-57 Plating

Robert Lampert

3c 1851-57 Shades & Plating

Charles Temple

3c 1851-57 Shades & Plating

Don Tocher

Plating 1851-56

Steven Rosen

19th Century US and Plating

James A. Allen

3c 1851-57 Shades & Plating

Richard Friedberg


Eric Jackson


Dan Harding

1st Issue Revenues

Ron Lesher

Tax Revenues

Mike Morrissey


Robert Rufe

Special Handling Stamps and covers

Clifford J. Alexander

Locals & Carrier Stamps

John D. Bowman

Locals & Carrier Stamps

Byron Sandfield

Locals & Carrier Stamps

James E. Lee 

Proofs & Essays

John Hotchner

EFO’s in the Expert Committee List

Doc M. Pepper

United States Newspaper Stamps

Harry G. Brittain

US Color Varieties

  James Bardo

Contemporary U.S.

Allen C. Hofsetz

Private Vending Coils

Jerry Palazolo

Confederate States of America

Leonard Hartman

Stones on Confederate

Philip Stevens

Envelopes & Postal Cards

Douglas Weisz

Envelopes & Postal Cards

Lewis Bussey

R.F. Overprints & U.S. Postal Cards

Richard C. Frajola

US 19th Century Covers    


Tom Jacks

Booklet Panes

Tom Corette

2c 1893 Columbian

Don Medcalf


Brian Medcalf


Allen Furikawa



Lori Penitani


Mathias W. Benward

Guam Guard Mail

Len McMaster


Don Peterson

Philippines Islands (Spanish Administration)

Craig Eggleston


Gary B. Weiss

Canal Zone

Bruce Hecht

Canal Zone

Ariel Hasid


Ernesto Cuesta

Cuban Stamps & Postal History

Patricia Kaufmann

Confederate States of America

Bob Dumaine

Duck Hunting & Permit stamps

Stephen Ferrell

Duck Hunting & Permit stamps

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