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Introduction to Unexploded Booklet Panes.

Expertising United States Unexploded Booklets by Tom Jacks

These booklets were first issued in 1900 with the 2 cent stamp Scott #279. Each booklet consisted of a front and back cover of cardboard stock and 2 or more panes of 6 stamps held together with one or two staples. The panes of stamps and the covers were cut at the same so the covers and the panes match. The cutting made two cut marks on the top and bottom of the booklet. For a booklet to be truly unexploded the cut marks on the covers and panes must align. Therefore, for a booklet to be truly unexploded the covers and the panes must align on all sides, the cut marks must align, and there must be no disturbance around the staples. If panes from another booklet were placed in covers from another booklet, the alignment of the sides and ends and the cut masks would probably not match, and this would be considered a made-up booklet. This has been observed in one particular airmail booklet where tagged panes have been replaced by untagged panes to form a more valuable booklet.

Get to know our Number 1 Expert on Booklet Panes for PSAG— Tom Jacks

I have been in Philately for 50 years. Actively involved in booklets for 40 years.

I belong to the APS, ASDA, USSS ( United States Stamp Society),and USFDCS (US First Day Cover Society).

I am a past Treasure of the ASDA.

I have a Ph.D. from Penn State University and conducted basic research in the pharmaceutical industry for 33 years. I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.

Tel: 908-419-9751.

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CeCe Caples
CeCe Caples
May 16, 2022

Awesome read!

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