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Identification Guide for U.S. Special Handling Stamps

Robert G. Rufe, President of Brandywine Valley Stamp Club, and Director of United States Stamp Society, has published Identification Guide for United States Special Handling Stamps.

Get to know Robert G. Rufe— The Number 1 PSAG Expert for U.S. Special Handling

Robert G. Rufe is the son and grandson of postmasters in PA, and a collector of US stamps since childhood. His grandfather, William H. Rufe, Sr., received his appointment from PMG John Wanamaker in 1892. Studies in Special Handling have resulted in the USSS Hopkinson Literature Award in 2007 and the same society’s Hopkinson Trophy for the best twentieth century exhibit at its national show in 2010. The same exhibit, “U.S. Special Handling 1925-1959: The Stamps and the Service,” has garnered 15 Gold medals at WSP national shows, and has won Show Grand Awards at the 2013 PNSE, 2014 NOJEX, 2015 ST. LOUIS, and MILCOPEX 2018 shows. Bob has been President of the Brandywine Valley Stamp Club since 2007, is an APS Tiffany Donor, and a member of the USSS “Ugly Shirts!”

Bob ( holds an A.B. in Economics and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College. He retired from Hercules Inc. in 2001 to pursue ornithological and philatelic interests. Bob is President of the Brandywine Valley Stamp Club, a 45-year member of the American Philatelic Society, and has been awarded both the Hopkinson Literature Award and the Hopkinson Trophy for Exhibiting by the United States Stamp Society. He recently became the 56th recipient of the Diamond Award for excellence in philatelic exhibiting by the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. Awarded Honorable Mention in the 2020 Collectors Club of New York Single Frame Competition for "The 1928 Printings of Fourth Bureau Issues on Special Booklet Paper."

Contact information for Bob Rufe

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