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The Latest in PSAG Services - Forensic Analysis for Color Varieties

Forensic Analysis for Color Varieties
Center for Philatelic Forensics Certificate of Analysis

PSAG has the most renowned experts with many years’ experience and we have now added an extra component - forensic analysis for color varieties.  We see a need for more scientific examination for the exact color attributions.

Available as an Additional Certificate With Your PSAG Cert on Scarce Color Varieties

We see a need for more scientific examination for the exact color attributions.  The cost, upon request, is an additional $25.  PSAG is hoping that the industry will become more accurate in color shades as we incorporate this into our decision making on our certs.  We are proud to include Harry G. Brittain to our list of experts.

Adding Harry G. Brittain to Our Panel of Experts

Harry Brittain created the Center for Philatelic Forensics.  Harry’s approach to color is to use infrared spectroscopy to identify the pigments in the ink of a stamp.  After that, he uses optical microscopy (reflectance mode) to study the surface details of the pigment layers, comparing those of a reference to those of a patient. He has a full-scale reflectance spectrometer that acquires spectra in the visible region, and will eventually use this for better color evaluation.


Interested in reading Harry Brittain's Certificate of Analysis?

Interested in getting your stamps forensically analyzed? Submit your collection today!

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