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  • Born and raised in Miami, FL
  • Married with two children and five grandchildren
  • Graduated from Michigan State University, 1965-71, BS and MS, Human Physiology
  • Cancer Research, 1971-73, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Disability Examiner, Social Security, 1973-78, Denver, CO
  • J. Randall Rare Stamps,  President, 1970-1986, Buy and sell exceptional  quality Classic United States, 1842-1869 issues.
  • Founded Professional Stamp Experts (PSE) in 1986 and was President and Senior Expert, 1986-2009
  • Founded Philatelic Stamp Authentication and Grading, Inc. (PSAG), 2009 to present, as President and Senior Expert, expertizing and grading United States, Canada, Canadian Provinces, Canal Zone & Hawaii and Philippine Islands (both U.S. & Spanish Administrations).
  • Originator and Developer of the universally accepted Grading System for postage stamps
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J. Randall Shoemaker - Founder, Committee Chairman 305.345.9864    Email Me

  Amy started her career over 10 years ago in advertising and marketing working for some of the top companies in the world.  Her career has sent her around the country. She started in the South Florida market with her focus on radio, event and social media sales. She was then recruited by CBS in Pittsburgh where her client growth and development skills made her a top associate. There she met her husband who’s career required the move to Northern New Jersey where she continued to work in media sales and marketing but decided that after 10 years in the industry and plenty of client success she would go out on her own. She is now proud to be the head marketing director for PSAG. Amy’s strong  belief that client appreciation and delivering what you promise is the key to a healthy business, fits in perfectly with PSAG. 

Amy Nicklaus - Marketing Director  973-563-6112    Email Me
Over 1700 cumulative years of experience
Winners of over 125 National and International GOLD medals for their exhibits
Authored over 400 Articles and Books
J. Randall Shoemaker - Classic US, Plating
L. Bustillo -19/20th Century US, B-O-B, 5c 1856-60
Richard Champagne-US 19th & 20th Century, B-O-B
Richard Drews - 19th Century US, Shades, Grills
Stanley Piller - Classic US, Postmaster Provisionals
Dick Celler - Plating 1851-57 Issues
Robert Lampert - 3c 1851-57 Shades & Plating
Charles Temple - 3c 1851-57 Shades & Plating
Don Tocher - Plating 1851-56
Steven Rosen - 19th Century US and Plating
James A. Allen - 3c 1851-57 Shades & Plating
Richard Friedberg – Revenues
Eric Jackson - Revenues
Dan Harding – 1st Issue Revenues
Ron Lesher – Tax Revenues
Mike Morrissey - Revenues
Robert Rufe - Special Handling Stamps and covers
Clifford J. Alexander - Locals & Carrier stamps
Byron Sandfield - Locals & Carrier stamps
John L. Larson - 'Test' stamps
James E. Lee  - Proofs & Essays
John Hotchner – EFO’s
Allen C. Hofsetz- Private Vending Coils
Mel Getlan - Private Vending Coils
Jerry Palazolo – Confederate States of America
Patricia Kaufmann – Confederate States of America
Bob Dumaine - Duck Hunting & Permit stamps

Philip Stevens - Envelopes & Postal Cards
Joe Pryluck - Re-valued Envelopes
Kirk Wolford - Envelopes & Wrappers
Douglas Weisz - Envelopes & Postal Cards
Michael A. Banas - 20th Century US
Lawrence Brasler - US 20th Century & B-O-B
Richard C. Frajola - US 19th Century Covers                           
Tom Jacks - Booklet Panes
Tom Corette - 2c 1893 Columbian
Don Medcalf - Hawaii
Brian Medcalf – Hawaii
Allen Furikawa – Hawaii
Lori Penitani - Hawaii   
Len McMaster - Philippines
Don Peterson – Philippines Islands (Spanish Administration)
Ray Coughlin - Philippine Islands
Craig Eggleston – Philippines
Richard D. Bates - Canal Zone
Gary B. Weiss – Canal Zone
Bruce Hecht - Canal Zone
Ariel Hasid - Canada
Ernesto Cuesta – Cuban Stamps & Postal History

Philatelic Stamp Authentication And Grading, Inc.  Expert Committee
Beginning of the seminar…handing out the printed notes of the seminar to be given “An Expertizing Workshop – How to Build Your Own Reference Collection”.

Randy helping a US Federal Judge go over his collection and determine what stamps would be beneficial to get expertized and graded, a service PSAG performs at shows to help collectors out who aren’t familiar with the need or expertizing and grading.body   
Typical scene at stamp show…that’s me second from left standing…borrowing a can of Ronsonol lighter fluid…a necessary compound needed to examine stamps and you can’t take it on a plane for obvious reasons of flammability. Thus we need to find some that someone local has brought.
Main Office  PO Box 41-0880 Melbourne, FL  32941-0880 
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